B-Box HV

The BYD B-Box HV is a lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery unit for use with an external inverter. A B-BOX HV contains between 5 and 9 battery modules B-Plus H in series connection and achieves up to 11.52 kWh (usable):

  • B-Box H6.4 (6.40 kW / 6.40 kWh)
  • B-Box H7.7 (7.68 kW / 7.68 kWh)
  • B-Box H9.0 (8.96 kW / 8.96 kWh)
  • B-Box H10.2 (10.24 kW / 10.24 kWh)
  • B-BOX H11.5 (11.52 kW / 11.52 kWh)

The parallel connection of up to 5 identical B-BOX HV allows a maximum of 57.6 kWh. Retrofitting is possible at any time.

B-BOX H 11.5

Flexible 1.28 kWh modules

Modular design simplifies transport and installation (the heaviest part: 26 kg)

Die Vorteile auf einen Blick
  • From 6.4 kWh to 57.6 kWh
  • 200 – 500 V for use as a high voltage battery
  • Emergency power through high discharge capacity (1-2 C)
  • Maximum efficiency thanks to real series switching
  • Lithium-iron phosphate battery:
    Maximum safety, cycle strength and performance
  • Patented, cordless plug-in system
  • 1 and 3 phase systems
B-Plus HV - Einfach. Flexibel

The core of the BYD B-Box HV series are the battery modules (B-Plus H), which can be plugged into a tower. Thus connected in series, the system operates in the high-voltage range without having to rely on additional DC-DC controllers. This makes the system fast, simple and efficient. The tower is completed by battery modules with the BCU module at the top. The external cables to the inverter, which are the only cables on the battery, are connected here. There is no wiring between the modules. Installation errors are avoided in this way. The construction takes place in a few minutes and is carried out by an individual. The individual modules weigh only 23 kg and are firmly connected to each other by four screws.

B-BOX H6.4

B-BOX 11.5


The BCU module provides control of the battery unit and is used to communicate with the inverter. Furthermore, up to five identical towers can be connected in parallel in order to achieve a higher capacity. The voltage level remains constant.

The application fields of the B-Box H are versatile. Due to the high performance capacity of 1C in continuous operation and 2C in peak loads, typical applications such as self-consumption optimization in household and commercial applications include, for example, emergency power applications or smoothing of pointed loads in industry. The B-Box HV is capable of both on- and off-grid operation and can be operated as 1- and 3-phase.

The innovative plug-and-play design allows a high-voltage battery, which can be used anywhere and is easy to set up. Even after years, the system can be extended by individual battery modules. The LFP architecture promises high performance and long cycle durability. The intrinsic safety of the system is based on the high BYD standard and finds its place also in automotive applications. The high efficiency of the system makes active cooling elements superfluous and the operating range is broadly defined at -10 ° C to + 50 ° C. The advantages of high-voltage technology are, in addition to the smaller-sized connections, the possibility to operate transformerless inverters. The high-voltage inverter technology is smaller, lighter and cheaper.

The BYD B-Box HV allows the installer to cover a whole range of applications with just one product. Just a high degree of flexibility.