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B-Box 13.8

The BYD B-Box is a lithium iron phosphate battery pack with battery management system (BMS) for use with an external inverter or charge controller.

The B-Box 13.8 provides a storage capacity of 13.8 kWh usable energy and is the most powerful B-Box. It relies on the proven and reliable Fe batteries from BYD. The enormous capacity and performance make the B-Box 13.8 first choice for storing large amounts of energy.

Up to 32 B-Box 13.8 systems can be parallel connected to get up to 441.6 kWh usable energy. This flexibility makes BYD B-Box suitable from domestic to commercial applications.

At a glance

– Flexible and high capacity
– RS-485 and CAN bus interfaces
– Easy installation and maintenance
– Reduce energy costs sustainably
– Optimal Power consumption increase