The battery storage of Tomorrow

The battery box (B-Box) of BYD is the next step to an ecological, economical and safe energy supply of the future.

  • Ecologically

    An important step in the direction of renewable energy – a decentralized and effective

  • Economically

    Autonomy will thereby save money – by increasing the self-consumption

  • For sure

    The robust lithium iron phosphate batteries meet the highest quality and safety standards.

The advantages at a glance

Maximize your self-consumption of solar power.

Most homes cannot use all the solar power you are generating. Installing BYD B-Box batteries allows you to consume all this excess power yourself, when you want it. Your solar power can go from variable to dispatchable – in other words, you can pick and choose the times to use the energy.

Reduce your grid costs.

Along with solar systems in your home, BYD B-Box batteries give you the flexibility to offset peak electricity use. Charge your batteries with solar, then discharge them whenever electricity is most expensive. But even if you don’t have solar, batteries can be useful. You can charge the batteries during less expensive times and discharge them during more expensive times.


BYD is the world leader in lithium batteries. The battery cells are used in various applications such as Electric Vehicles (EV) and meet the highest quality standards. With the enormous production capacity, this high-tech product offered very high reliability.

Increase the resiliency of your electricity.

Natural disasters like storms can cause the most extreme outages. BYD B-Box and solar systemensures that you have resilient power in these situations. The solar panels generate your electricity, while the batteries allow you to use the solar even if there is no sun.


The B-Box is compatible with major German inverters and control units.

High tech

B-Box is made by BYD, the world’s largest rechargeable batteries manufacturer. BYD products meet the highest quality standards.

20 years expected life

By 6000 charge cycles they promise a life of 20 years. But even after the 6000 charge cycles the battery still has 80% of the initial capacity and can still be used.

Expandable at any time

Get now the capacity you need. If you need more capacity in the future, you can use your existing battery anytime upgrade. In the B-Box 2.5-10.0 going into 2.5 kWh increments up to a maximum of 80 kWh. In the B-Box 12.8 Upgrading in 12.8 kWh steps done – up to a maximum of 409.6 kWh! This also commercial applications to achieve outstandingly.

Safe Battery Cells

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are the safest lithium batteries and can be used safely in buildings. As BYD batteries used in a variety of applications – from cell phones to car – must be adhered to strict safety standards. All these safety standards are successfully met by the batteries. Elaborate and extensive tests guarantee that the batteries are also among the greatest stresses, such as fire or mechanical effects, not even to risk.